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JAI Fest 2020: 11th December - save the date!

Christmas at the JAI is normally a time where we get together for our annual JAI festival, a gathering to celebrate the work of our young researchers. Obviously due to the ongoing chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic this year's meeting will not be able to be held in person and will, therefore, be held in an online Zoom-style meeting on FRIDAY DECEMBER 11TH 2020. The Indico page including a preliminary agenda can be found by clicking this link!

The primary focus is to hear from our senior students and PDRAs about their research work. This year we’ll also round off the day with a couple of talks from JAI alumni who have charted professional courses beyond accelerator science.

Please note the date and join us for what is traditionally a stimulating and enjoyable occasion! A Zoom link will be sent nearer the time.