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JAI Seminar: Physics Beyond Colliders at CERN: New discoveries beyond new supercolliders?

On Thursday 5th March, Dr. Alexander Gerbershagen, of CERN, gave a JAI seminar on how the Physics Beyond Colliders (PBC) project could yield exciting new discoveries in particle physics without requiring the use of a massive supercollider.


The Physics Beyond Colliders programme was launched at CERN in 2016, aiming at exploiting the full scientific potential of CERN’s accelerator complex complementary to the projects of new colliders. In the framework of PBC, the Conventional Beams Working Group (CBWG) explores the feasibility of future physics proposals in the fixed-target facilities, especially in CERN’s North Area. This experimental area was presented and an overview of all the potential projects was given during the seminar.

Dr. Gerbershagen is no stranger to the JAI, having started his career there, completing a DPhil at the University of Oxford in 2013. Following this, he spent four years at the Paul Scherrer institute in Switzerland, working on proton radiotherapy. His current position with CERN's Experimental Areas Group began in 2017, where he sets up, adapts, and develops particle beams for many different experiments, as well as contributing to many other projects.