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Seminar: The CERN LHC Injector Complex

The next seminar in the joint UK seminar series will be given by Dr. Rende Steerenberg (CERN) on The CERN LHC Injector Complex. The seminar will be given via Zoom at 16.15 UK time on Thursday 16th June and can be accessed on the seminar series Indico page.


The recently-upgraded CERN LHC Injector Complex is not only a key ingredient for the production of high-brightness beams for the LHC and the future HL-LHC, but also provides various types of beams to a very rich and varied fixed-target programme. A pulse-to-pulse modulated settings scheme make the injector complex very versatile, allowing efficient beam-time sharing for the experiments. This seminar will give an overview of the injector complex and its functioning, focusing on the production and delivery of beams to the various experimental areas.